Death, the Musical (2011)

Production Photos


1. Cast Photo 2. Kregg Dailey (“Them Aliens”) 3. H.R. Bradford & Kregg Dailey (“Funeral Rites”) 4. Kregg Dailey (“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”)
5. Cast Photo 6. Ashley Maack & Erin Roche 7. Kregg Dailey, Erin Roche, & H.R. Bradford (“Black Widow Bitch”)
8. H.R. Bradford (“Necrophilia”) 9. Ashley Maack & Kregg Dailey (“Lullaby”) 10. H.R. Bradford (“The Midget Strangler”)
11. Kregg Dailey & H.R. Bradford (“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”) 12. Jimmy Phillips (director-choreographer) 13. Erin Roche (“What a Wonderful Body I’ll Be”)
14. Full Cast (“Good Time to Die”) 15. Kregg Dailey & H.R. Bradford (“A Major Inconvenience”) 16. Full Cast (“Sizzlin’ Sally Quartet”)

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