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Houston Press D.L. Groover, The Houston Press writing about FROM WHITE PLAINS ( – 03/06/2020)

“It’s finely done, intriguing…the exceptional cast and the finely-tuned direction from Lily Wolff engages us on a subliminal level which is greatly pleasing…The cast is wondrous…We want more – and soon – from Thunderclap!”


Brett Cullum, BroadwayWorld Houston Review writing about FROM WHITE PLAINS ( – 03/6/2020)

“The entire show is a tense meditation that should keep audiences engaged, and give you plenty to talk about after leaving the theater. FROM WHITE PLAINS does what only theater can do, forces you to face a social issue in an intimate setting and gives you no escape. The work reminds me of Mamet’s Oleanna in how it addresses a social topic with an unflinching eye. But in contrast, FROM WHITE PLAINS allows a more balanced end result.”


David Clarke, CD Reviews writing about the BULLY Highlights CD (Concept Cast Recording) ( – 03/11/2014)

“Thunderclap Productions is working on filming the musical and there are still plans to bring the show to stage as well. With relevant and timely themes, an intriguing score, and remarkable talent behind every aspect of this musical, the HIGHLIGHTS FROM BULLY (Concept Cast Recording) is a great way for more people to be exposed to this musical and to support this important project.”

Houston Chronicle

Buzz Bellmont, Houston Chronicle Theatre Blog writing about RUM AND VODKA ( – 06/05/2012)

Thunderclap’s RUM AND VODKA strikes gold…Andy Ingalls [delivers] one of the best stage performances of the year.”

Houston Press D.L. Groover, The Houston Press writing about RUM AND VODKA ( – 06/05/12)

“Ingalls gets it all down in wonderful, horrific detail…His nightmarish adventures are hypnotizing.”

Houston Chronicle

Buzz Bellmont, Houston Chronicle Theatre Blog writing about DEATH, THE MUSICAL ( – 10/17/2011)

“I had a huge grin on my face during the  entire show of this seedy, gross, irreverent, crude, rude, base, in your face, and totally entertaining little musical called Death The Musical!…I will be watching EVERYTHING Thunderclap Productions produces.”

Houston Press

Lee Williams, The Houston Press writing about THE GREAT STORM ( – 09/15/2010)

“The production features several directors and offers theater lovers a terrific opportunity to get in on more than one great find…This lively night of youthful excitement will blow you away.


Roy Hamlin, Associate Artistic Director, Theatre Under the Stars writing about THE GREAT STORM (chron.commons – 09/10/2010)

“To see…[these] playwrights who could contribute such divergent pieces (mixing pathos and comedy, or complete juxtapositions of tone) was inspiring. This is a hell of a debut and sets a high bar for the small theatres in Houston to reach the rest of this season…May this STORM’s aftermath outshine Ike’s.”

Houston Chronicle

Buzz Bellmont, Houston Chronicle Theatre Blog writing about THE GREAT STORM ( – 09/10/2010)

“With this much brilliant writing talent, acting talent, and directing talent on display, The Great Storm is a triumphant moment in Houston theatre history and an excellent beginning for Thunderclap Productions.” (more…)