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Obsidian Art Space
3522 White Oak, Houston, TX 77007

Radio Interview

The Front Row



The Great Storm
by Aaron Alon
Directed by Aaron Alon
Five people reflect on their experiences of
Hurricane Ike in interrupted monologues.
Lisa Schofield (A) • Chris Pool (B) • Keenan Hurley (C) • Tamara Siler (D) • Star Hinson (E)
Charming Li’l Storm
by Peter Wittenberg
Directed by Karen Schlag
Two friends, standing on a pier days before the
storm, flirt with the direction of their
Mia Migliaccio (Gwen)
Brian Heaton (Ronnie)
Chess Game Tuesdayby Peter Wittenberg
Directed by Zona Meyer
In Galveston, three men discuss their fates a few
days before the hurricane.
Osbie Shepard (Smokie)
Robert Lowe (Sal)
Carl Masterson (Vic)
Cleanin’ Out My Closet
by Aaron Alon
Directed by Justin Doran
A black woman uses the moment when she and
her white son are trapped in a closet during Ike to
tell him he was adopted.
Tamara Siler (Mother)
Julian Brashears (Son)
Into the Storm
by Eric James
Directed by Christine Vinh Weems
As the hurricane rolls in, a husband and wife can
no longer ignore a tragedy they’ve avoided
discussing for months.

Casey Coale (Paul)
Julie Oliver (Susan)


by Peter Wittenberg, Jr.
Directed by Leighza Walker
A man, while visiting a friend in Houston,
worries about the fate of his home and business.

Will Hartley (Jeff)Mark Stanley (Mark)

by Aaron Alon
Directed by Ricky Welch
A couple sits on the floor after Hurricane Ike,
waiting for the power to come on and thinking
about when the busy world resumes.

Leighza Walker (Lisa)
Scott Holmes (Tony)

Pounds of Pressureby Leighza Walker
Directed by Elizabeth Seabolt-Esparza
A couple struggles with being stuck together
when Ike stops their divorce proceedings.

Ricky Welch (Scott)
Jennifer Decker (Melanie)

The Bare Necessities
by Leighza Walker
Directed by Mia Migliaccio
Two friends bide their time in a grocery store line
to stock up after the storm.

Tom Stell (Desi)
Leighza Walker (Carla)
DanLuers (Joann)

Night 4
by Eric James
Directed by Justin Doran
A young couple decides to ride out the aftermath of the storm together, which leads to an inevitably uncomfortable conversation.

Dennis Draper (A)
Chris Pool (B)

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